Which Soap Base Is The Best?

The Earth Element Soap Base is the best as it has many benefits in the making of handmade soap

Opaque Soap Base

The Earth Element Soap Base With Natural Ingredients

Made from natural oil and other ingredients that moisturizes and nourishes our skin and hair. When mixes with water it provides a pH that soothes our skin.

TEE Soap Base is suitable for all ages in making soap bar!

Children from the age of 3 and people of all ages, can craft their own choice of soap bar.
And it is suitable for beginners to professional soap maker to make soap.

Soap Making Equipment

Using our soap base, the equipment needed to make soap is easy to acquire. Users and crafters can get it from any convenience store or our online store.

Re-melt & Redo

The Earth Element Melt & Pour Glycerin Soap Base can be re-melted several times if needed. So if you have failed to make the soap bar that you desire, just re-melt it again and again. 

Craft Beautiful Soap from TEE Soap Base In Minutes

Crafters can add in their desired colorant, fragrance, exfoliates, mica powder, embeds, botanicals to make the soap bar they desire.

The soap made can be used instantly after solidification, in comparison to traditional Cold Pressed soap bar which may take up to a month due to saponification process.

Soap Base is SAFE

Using TEE Soap Base to make soap is safe. Firstly, its ingredients used are soothing and nourishing to  our skin. Next, it can avoid caustic burn from Sodium Hydroxide or Potassium Hydroxide.

When our skin gets contact with NaOH (Sodium Hydroxide/Lye) or KOH (Potassium Hydroxide), these chemicals can damage the skin, eyes, lungs (if deeply inhaled), or, if accidentally swallowed, into one’s body.

First Aid Treatment: Rinse the chemical off the skin or out of the eyes with cool (not cold) running water. Do not put ice on the burn because you will cause more damage. Do not scrub or rub the burn

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