Carrot Seed Essential Oil AAA Grade 100% Pure (15ml)

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Carrot Seed Oil is a useful cold-pressed oil from wild carrot seeds.
Carrot Seed Oil and Carrot Seed Essential Oil do not contain vitamin A (although they have several antioxidants), while Carrot Oil, derived from the actual carrot plant, does contain a large amount of vitamin A.
The benefits of Carrot Seed Oil include antifungal, antibacterial and anticancer qualities, due to the bioflavonoids it contains.
Because of its antioxidant content, Carrot Seed Oil is an ingredient in a natural sunscreen product and may offer some sun protection, as well as skin-repairing to dry and damaged skin.
By using Carrot Seed Oil in aromatherapy, you may reap the benefits of its antioxidants by preventing diseases caused by oxidative stress.
Try using Carrot Seed Oil as part of a homemade face scrub to exfoliate, moisturize and protect skin.

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1. Helps Kill Fungi & Bacteria
The most thoroughly researched quality of Carrot Seed Oil is its ability to kill certain bacteria and fungi. Indeed, some of the viruses it’s powerful against are concerning for a number of reasons. Many are common in developing nations, and the oil may provide a unique way to fight these illnesses, if developed properly.

2. May Fight Cancer Cells
In the fight against cancer, researchers consistently look at substances by beginning in the lab and seeing what impact, if any, they have on different cancer cell lines.

3. Included As Part of Natural Sunscreen Option
Because of the way natural ingredients interact to create the SPF found in the tested product, it is unlikely that carrot seed oil on its own actually has a significant enough SPF to be used in place of chemical-rich, conventional sunscreens. It does, though, seem to be a part of a natural sunscreen recipe that can be useful.

4. Powerful Antioxidant
Like many oils and essential oils, Carrot Seed Oil contains powerful antioxidants that can help to protect against disease.

5. Supports Skin & Hair Health
Traditionally, Carrot Seed Oil is a popular beauty product for moisturizing skin and hair. While no studies confirm its effectiveness for moisture-rich properties, it is safe for topical use and may help provide these benefits. It is likely it can protect skin and hair from damage because of its antioxidant load.

The Earth Element Carrot Seed Essential Oil is stored in an amber 15ml bottle with a dripper.

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