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The Earth Element

is a manufacturer of soap, personal care products cum wholesaler of soap making and cosmetic ingredients.

The Earth Element main responsibility would be to create and produce soap products for distribution and sale.

We have a thorough understanding involved in soap making, including the different types of oils and fats that can be used, as well as the various additives and fragrances that can be added to create different types of soap.

We focus the important aspects of soap manufacturing, that include quality control, packaging and labeling, and compliance with regulatory requirements. We ensure that our soap products meet strict quality standards and are safe for use by consumers.

Our Products

Soap Base & Cosmetic Base

Make your own soap or cosmetic to pamper match your skin and hair with our soap base and cosmetic base. Our bases are made of quality ingredients, that can bring shine and volumize your hair, nourish and moisturize your skin. What you need to do just add the right ingredients such as natural oil, natural additives to enhance the effect.!

Soap Making Ingredients

Make your soap with our ingredients. The Earth Element has a variety of natural ingredients ranging from natural oil, natural extracts and other quality ingredients that will suit your skin and hair

Soap & Cosmetic Making DIY Kit

Save your trouble of getting the ingredients and tools to make your own soap and cosmetic with our DIY KIT.
Instruction and ingredients and tools are all available in the KIT.

Rose VIP Wedding Soap

Natural Handmade Soap

Where beauty meets the natural goodness of Earth!

Our natural handmade soap  is made primarily from natural ingredients, typically plant-based oils or fats. These ingredients are often chosen for their beneficial properties for the skin, such as moisturizing, nourishing, and soothing effects.

Our Handmade Soap is suitable for use on face, body and hair and users will refresh and rejuvenated.  It aslo can be used as a gift or door gift for all ceremony.

Skin Soothing Lotion

Natural Skin Care Lotion

The Earth Element Skin Care Lotion is made from 100% natural butter, shea butter, cocoa butter, mango butter and other natural oil and ingredients. The lotion is a rich and thick moisturizing cream that is designed to deeply hydrate and nourish the skin and scar lightening. 

Check out our latest stretch mark lightening cream, which is at least 30% better than other similar products 

Hair Care Products

The Earth Element has a series of hair shampoo and conditioners that are made from ingredients that soothes and nourish our hair, keeping it healthy and shine.
All our hair products contains Hydrolysed Wheat Proteins Vitamin B5, and Vitamin E and other natural additives. All these will help to thicken, add volume to thinning hair, improve the shine and repair damaged hair.

Try It out and you will not regret!

Lip Balm 1

Organic Lip Balm

The Earth Element Lip balm is designed to moisturize and protect the lips. Our Natural Lip balm is made from natural oils and natural waxes. It is commonly used to prevent and treat dry, chapped, or cracked lips, especially during colder seasons or in dry climates.

Hand Sanitizer & Other Disinfectants


The Earth Element formulates the most hydrating and effective sanitizer gel, sanitizer spray and hand wash to protect you and your family from any harmful bacteria.

Wedding Soap

Wedding & Door Gifts

Celebrate your wedding with The Earth Element Wedding Soap as Door Gift. It is a unique wedding door gift for the wedding couple’s friends, relatives and families.

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