Using Soap Base To Make Soap

Simple, Fast And Safe Way To Make Soap

Lemon Grass Soap

Making Homemade Soap Is Easy With Melt & Pour Soap Base

If you love making soap at home, you will find that it is far too fun and creative with a melt and pour soap base!

Craft Beautiful Soap from TEE Soap Base In Minutes

Crafters can add in their desired colorant, fragrance, exfoliates, mica powder, embeds, botanicals to make the soap bar they desire.

The soap made can be used instantly after solidification, in comparison to traditional Cold Pressed soap bar which may take up to a month due to saponification process.

Soap Making Equipment

Using our soap base, the equipment needed to make soap is easy to acquire. Users and crafters can get it from any convenience store or our online store.

Re-melt & Redo

The Earth Element Melt & Pour Glycerin Soap Base can be re-melted several times if needed. So if you have failed to make the soap bar that you desire, just re-melt it again and again. .

Basic Soap Making Recipe

Cut 1 kg soap base into small cubes. …
Add 8-10 drops of the essential oil and mix.
Add in natural additives such as botanical extract, dried flowers such as osmanthus etc and then pour into silicone moulds and let it set for at least 1 hour in a cool place.

Lemon Grass Soap

Making Homemade Soap Using Lye

If you are a beginner, making soap with lye scared the wits out of you.
Sodium hydroxide better known as lye, is highly caustic and has the potential to burn the skin. Extremely dangerous, it’s important to take every safety precaution when making cold process soap.

Although making soap using lye, a potentially dangerous substance, will cause harm to our body, but as long as the user adheres to safety guidelines, wears gloves and safety goggles, ensures adequate ventilation, and uses common sense, the risk of harm is minimal.

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