About Us

Our Story

The Earth Element main responsibility is to share the knowledge to create and produce quality hair, skin wellness and soap products for distribution and sale.

We have a thorough understanding involved in soap making and all skin wellness and hair care products including the different types of oils and fats that can be used, as well as the various additives and fragrances that can be added to create different types of wellness products.

We focus the important aspects of manufacturing skin wellness and hair care products, that include quality control, packaging and labeling, and compliance with regulatory requirements. We ensure that our soap products meet strict quality standards and are safe for use by consumers.

We have been conducting personal Wellness classes and workshops for people and corporation interested in the making of soap and wellness products. All participants will be able to achieve the knowledge and satisfaction that they will never expect to get.

Responsible Ingredients

The Earth Element will put on its utmost effort to use natural ingredients as the main choice to make its soap and other personal wellness products. In fact, we prefer using natural ingredients to avoid harsh chemicals, and reducing environmental impact and reduce allergy for certain people with skin condition. However, natural ingredients cannot replace certain chemicals such as surfactants and sodium hydroxide.

When making personal care products with natural ingredients, The Earth Element research and follow reliable recipes and techniques. Keep in mind that each ingredient, though natural may have different usage rates, and proper safety precautions should be taken when working with lye.

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