Natural Soap Base SLS Free


The Earth Element Natural Soap Base SLS Free made from natural additives and other natural soap ingredients with no harmful additives added.
By adding other ingredients like organic butter, essential oil and other organic carrier oil, you can make homemade natural soap with natural soap scents.

Natural Soap Base

Natural Soap Base SLS Free is made primarily from natural ingredients and additives, typically plant-based oils or fats,
and do not contain sulfates as an ingredient. Sulfates, such as sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) and sodium laureth sulfate (SLES), are commonly used in many soaps, shampoos, and cleansers because they create lather and help remove dirt and oils from the skin. However, some individuals may find that sulfates can be drying or irritating to their skin, particularly if they have sensitive or dry skin. It is free from artificial fragrances, and harsh additives.

Our Natural Soap Bases are favored by those seeking an eco-friendlier and skin-friendly alternative to other soap bases.

The Earth Element Natural Soap Bases has a myriad of health benefits. When we used it on hair and skin, it can dramatically recover the condition of both skin and hair, preventing wrinkles and making your hair stronger and shinier.

One of the best things about our Natural Soap Base benefits is the fact that it eradicates the need for some of the most toxic, potentially harmful and drying “beauty” concoctions in our shampoo, soap & conditioner out there on the market.

Other benefits of our Natural Soap Base include robust lathering, very moisturizing, reduce wrinkle, helps skin glow, light aromatic scent.

Melt & Pour Soap Base is suitable for people of all ages to make the soap they want.

How to use Soap Base to make the soap you want:

  1. Cut the soap base in cube form and put into a melter or double boiler or microwave oven to melt them.
  2. Preferred using a melter and set the temperature to 80 degree celsius.
  3. If using double boiler or microwave, Just keep an eye on it! to prevent overheat.
  4. Stir, and gently mix the soap occasionally ensuring that all soap base is fully melted.
  5. Once melted feel free to add your fragrance, such as essential oil, carrier oil, natural butter, colour, and any other additives you wish to add.
  6. Pour the molten soap into a soap mold.
  7. Well your soap is done.

Watch the video here: Basic Handmade Soap Making


  • Organic Vegan Oil - carrier oil,
  • Glycerin (kosher, of vegetable origin)- a humectant  and skin softener,
  • Purified Water- the main ingredient in soap base,
  • Sodium Hydroxide - saponifying agent,
  • Sodium stearate - used to create foam and thickener,
  • Sorbitol- moisturizer,
  • Sorbitan oleate - emulsifier,
  • Soy bean protein - conditioner,
  • Sodium xylene sulphonate - a surfactant using for its cleansing properties,
  • Stearic acid - a surfactant and softener, also used to harden the soap base,
  • Tetrasodium EDTA - a preservative,
  • Tetrasodium etidronate - helps to stabilise fragrance and colour,
  • Titanium dioxide - to whiten the clear soap so it becomes opaque,
  • Virgin Coconut Oil - additive.

What Kind Of Soap Base To Choose To Make Soap
Choosing A Soap Base?

For beginners you can buy our DIY Kit to do it at home or if you want to know more about soap making, join our Workshop,

Our workshops and courses are taught by certified professional, who will guide you to make any soap, skin and haircare products in a proper guideline under EU and HSA regulations. Participants will be able to gain a broad knowledge of making personal care products.

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0.5kg, 1kg, 5kg, 10kg, 20kg

Type Of Soap Base

Avocado, Carrot, Charcoal, Coconut, Honey, Olive, Papaya


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0.5kgAvocado $15.00
0.5kgCarrot $13.00
0.5kgCharcoal $13.00
0.5kgCoconut $11.00
0.5kgHoney $11.00
0.5kgOlive $11.00
0.5kgPapaya $13.00
1kgAvocado $28.00
1kgCarrot $24.00
1kgCharcoal $24.00
1kgCoconut $20.00
1kgHoney $20.00
1kgOlive $20.00
1kgPapaya $24.00
5kgAvocado $130.00
5kgCarrot $110.00
5kgCharcoal $110.00
5kgCoconut $90.00
5kgHoney $90.00
5kgOlive $90.00
5kgPapaya $110.00
10kgAvocado $250.00
10kgCarrot $210.00
10kgCharcoal $210.00
10kgCoconut $170.00
10kgHoney $170.00
10kgOlive $170.00
10kgPapaya $210.00
20kgAvocado $480.00
20kgCarrot $400.00
20kgCharcoal $400.00
20kgCoconut $320.00
20kgHoney $320.00
20kgOlive $320.00
20kgPapaya $400.00