Melt & Pour Soap Base

The Earth Element’s melt and pour glycerin soap base is made with natural additives and ingredients that soothes our skin. It allows you to melt it, shape it and create your own soap when it solidifies without affecting its properties. Melt & Pour Glycerin Soap Base is alcohol free and contains glycerin, a natural humectant, the soap made will hydrate and moisturize our skin at the same time.

The Earth Element has 25 types, each cater to different. Most of it has moisturizing and nourishing effect to our skin. Some of them such as honey and charcoal have exfoliating and other properties.

Top 5 Most Popular Popular
The Top 5 Most Popular are:
Opaque, Transparent, Shea Butter, SLS Free, and Goat milk.

The Earth Element is one of the supplier that sell the Best Soap Base.
a. Natural Additives & Ingredients
Made from natural oil and other ingredients that moisturizes and nourishes our skin and hair. When mixes with water it provides a pH that soothes our skin.
b. Suitable For All Ages
Children from the age of 3 and people of all ages, can craft their own choice of soap bar.
And it is suitable for beginners to professional soap maker to make soap.
c. Easy To Acquire Soap Making Equipment
The equipment needed to make soap is easy to acquire. Users and crafters can get it from any convenience store or our online store.
d. Can Re-melt & Redo
Crafters can re-melt and redo several times if needed. So if you have failed to make the soap bar that you desire, just re-melt it again and again

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