Cosmetic Bases

Cosmetic Bases comes in various form. It helps formulator, crafter and hobbyist to create their desire cosmetic products such as soap, lotion, cream and other cosmetic products easily, without having the trouble of formulating from raw ingredients.

The Earth Element has various types of Cosmetic bases. The most popular is our hair conditioner base, it has very good feedback from our customer. Follow by shampoo base, where customers have sung praises of its effects on the hair, liquid soap base and melt & pour glycerin soap base are also warmly welcome by our customers.

All our products are formulated without any harsh chemicals and no animal testing.

Consumer can feel safe when using our products as we follow HSA regulation.

All cosmetic bases are made and formulated locally, zeroing on the demand for our consumers. We have a small packaging size of 500gm or ml , which is suitable for crafters and hobbyist to test out with their added additives.
Once you decide on your desire products you can place order from 1kg to 100 kg or more. Goods will be delivered in days.

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