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Wedding Soap Door Gift

A unique and thoughtful wedding door gift for the newlyweds’ friends, relatives and families.

Wedding Soap

Our Wedding Door Gifts

Wedding Gift Box

All wedding soap comes with a box.

Wedding Gift Box
Wedding Gift Box
“I attended my former classmate wedding dinner. I was given a heart shape soap as a door gift. On the spot, I was captured by the soap’s scent. When I began to use it, it was good! It nourishes and moisturize my body at the same time. “

” I attended my friend wedding buffet lunch. I was given a wedding favor at the wedding reception. The door gift is a soap, it is well designed and gives an irresistible scent. I heard from the bride, who is my friend, that this door gift met her tight budget.

“All my relatives and friends are impressed with the door gift that I have given them. They said that the gift is unique and excellent. I must say thanks to The Earth Element of providing such a good product and service to me. “

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