Rose Wedding Soap


Rose Wedding Soap is a unique and thoughtful Chinese Wedding Door Gift for the wedding couple’s friends, relatives and families.
{Minimum Order @50 units X Approximately @70g @5.8cm X 5cm X 3cm}

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Simple Wedding Door Gift

Rose Wedding Soap is a unique and thoughtful simple Wedding Door Gift for the newlyweds’ friends, relatives and families. Especially, these guests are the special ones of their wedding celebration!

Wedding Door Gift

In a wedding celebration, it is a tradition to thank all your guests. They have traveled all their way to share your memorable wedding day. In return, you just wish to present a meaningful door gift to each of them to bring home joyfully. Thus, it is never too early to start planning for your Wedding Door Gift. Besides, it is always possible to prepare your desired door gifts for your guests in time, in accordance with your possible requests. We have numerous options of natural handmade soaps to consider as your Wedding Door Gifts! Generally, most wedding couples are delighted by our elegant and sweet designs of our Wedding Door Gifts which are too ‘tasty’ to resist but inedible.

Our Meaningful Rose Wedding Soap

Our Rose Wedding Soap is embedded together with a heart shape. In a wedding, rose & heart together symbolizes romance, everlasting love & beauty. This door gift will represent love, concern, joyous and happiness. This simple Wedding Door Gift is used to thank your guests for celebrating your special day with you and to leave a lasting memory that will keep them remembering you for years to come.

Options of Rose Wedding Soap & Possible Special Requests

Rose Wedding Soap can be opted to come with your desired choice of scent and color. We have Melon, Lavender, Sweet Orange, Rose, Green Tree and other possibilities upon request. All our Wedding Soaps can opt to contain in a heart warmth unique design wedding box. Wedding couples can also make other special possible requests for their door gifts. It is also lovely and our pleasure to provide printing of wishes to include in your door gifts at a reasonable fee on your behalf. Upon making delivery to their friends or relatives, any other possible special requests are also possible!

Rose Wedding Soap is suited for all couples. Our supporters of all races, religions and beliefs have also purchased our Rose Wedding Soap as a door gift celebrating an Anniversary. Our Wedding Soap is processed with the ingredients that are most gentle and nourishing to our skin. With an irresistible scent, any recipient will bring home a memory of sweet and lovely moments on your special occasion.

Wedding couples are also welcomed to request for any other specially saponified natural handmade soaps such as cold-pressed soap bars as their Wedding Door Gifts whenever they desire.

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Additional information

Weight 3.5 kg

50 pcs, 100 pcs, 200 pcs

Scent & Colour

Green Tea, Lavender, Melon, Rose, Sweet Orange


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