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Soap & Cosmetic Making DIY KIT

The Earth Element Homemade Kit for Face, Skin and Hair.

Hand Sanitizer & Other Disinfectants


shea butter

Soap Bar Making Kit

Make your desire soap bar, shampoo bar and conditioning bar easily with our Soap Making DIY Kit. We have soap bar make from soap base – for beginners or raw ingredients- for more challenging individuals. Ingredients & Instruction will be given.

Hand Sanitizer & Other Disinfectants

Make Your Own Hand Sanitizer Gel

Make your own hand sanitizer gel, that can kill almost all bacteria and germs, formulated according to hospital grade, easily with our DIY KIT.

Liquid Soap Base

Making Aromatic Air Refresher

Making your own Aromatic Air Refreshener Spray at home is EASY and FUN!

Join our ONLINE workshop to learn the right way of making your own Air Refresher ~ Premium Grade !

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