Virgin Coconut Oil Liquid Soap Base (SLS Free)


Vegan Castile Liquid Soap Base is created with plant-based oil, organic coconut oil and others.

By adding others ingredients like essential oil and other organic carrier oil , you can made homemade natural liquid soap with natural soap scents.

Virgin Coconut Oil contains healthy fats called medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs). These unique fats include:

Caprylic acid
Lauric acid
Capric acid

These unique fats has the properties of antimicrobial and antifungal, they are smaller in size, allowing easier cell permeability, these provides many benefits for the skin and hair.

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The Earth Element Vegan Liquid Soap Concentrated Base  is also known as Castile Liquid Soap Base is created with plant-based oil, coconut oil and others. The Earth Element Liquid Concentrated Soap Base is a wonderful base and it is easy to use as the base ingredient for our soap and shampoo. It is a liquid concentrated soap base that can be used for hand soap, shampoo, body wash, bubble bath and more!

How to use Liquid Soap Base to make the soap you want?

  1. Simply dilute the concentrate with water to the volume you desire.
  2. Add fragrance, such as essential oil, carrier oil, colour, and any other additives you wish to add, with an allowance of 5%.
  3. Stir gently till the mixture is homogenous.
  4. Well, your liquid soap is done.

This concentrated liquid soap base is unscented and is not made from any harmful chemicals.

Watch the video here:Using Liquid Soap Base to make hand wash


Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate – a much gentle, less hash surfactant, created through ethoxylation.
Glycerin (kosher, a vegetable origin) – a humetant, moisturiser & skin softener.
Purified Water – the main ingredient in soap base.
Preservative – preventing fungus & other harmful bacteria.
Coco Betaine – made from coconut oil and comes in the form of a pale yellow liquid, naturally-derived ingredient used to thicken and improve all texture.
Coco Glucoside – natural, gentle and environmentally friendly cleansing agent and surfactant suitable for skin care, hair care, and personal hygiene products.

For beginners you can buy our DIY Kit to do it at home or if you want to know more about soap making, join our Workshop,

Our workshops and courses are taught by certified professional, who will guide you to make any soap, skin and haircare products in a proper guideline under EU and HSA regulations. Participants will be able to gain a broad knowledge of making personal care products.


Transparent Concentrated Pale Liquid.


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Virgin Coconut Oil Liquid Soap Base

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