Organic Lip Balm

The Earth Element Lip balm is designed to moisturize and protect the lips. Our Natural Lip balm is made from natural oils and natural waxes. It is commonly used to prevent and treat dry, chapped, or cracked lips, especially during colder seasons or in dry climates.

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Our Organic Lip Balms

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Benefits of Using Lip Balm

The primary function of lip balm is to provide a barrier that seals in moisture and helps to prevent water loss from the delicate skin of the lips. This helps to keep the lips hydrated and prevents them from becoming dry, flaky, or uncomfortable. Our lip balms contain ingredients that offer additional benefits, such as glossy or soothing effects.


Made from Natural Ingredients

We use only natural ingredients to make our natural lip balm.
Natural ingredients such as oil, butter and wax, are used to provide moisturization, protection, and soothing benefits.

Liquid Soap Base

Natural Lip Balm Formulation

The Earth Element ‘s Natural Lip Balm is formulated by our Cosmetic Chemist who has formulated more than hundreds of products locally and overseas. All our products are registered to the relevant authorities, users can feel safe with our products.

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