Rose Essential Oil AAA Grade 100% Pure (15ml)

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Why is Rose Essential Oil so expensive?

Pure Rose Essential Oil is very pricey because it takes around 10,000 pounds of rose petals to distill just one pound of essential oil!

High quality Rose Essential Oil is certainly pricey, but it is the best, most pure option and a little goes a long way so a small bottle can last an extremely long time.

Rose Essential Oil typically comes from the damask rose (Rosa damascena) plant and it takes around 10,000 rose petals to make one pound of oil, which is why it is one of the more expensive essential oils.

Rose Essential Oil benefits include:

-Mood improver, specifically for anxiety and depression.
-Libido booster.
-Can fight acne and boost skin health with potential anti-aging benefits.
-Offers relief for painful periods in women.
-Use as a natural perfume that is free of health hazardous synthetic scents.

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1. Helps Depression & Anxiety
One of the top benefits of Rose Essential Oil is definitely its mood-boosting abilities. As our ancestors battled situations where their mental status was dampened, or otherwise impaired, they would have been naturally drawn to the pleasant sights and smells of the flowers that surrounded them. For example, it is hard to take a whiff of a powerful rose and not smile.

2. Fights Acne
There are many qualities of Rose Essential Oil that make it a great natural remedy for the skin. The antimicrobial and aromatherapy benefits alone are great reasons to put a few drops in your DIY lotions and creams.

3. Anti-Aging
It’s no surprise that Rose Esential Oil typically makes the list of top anti-aging essential oils. Why can Rose Essential Oil boost skin health and possibly slow down the aging process? There are several reasons.
First, it has potent anti-inflammatory effects. In addition, it contains antioxidants that fight off free radicals which encourage skin damage and skin aging. Free radicals can cause damage to skin tissue, which results in wrinkles, lines and dehydration.

4. Boosts Libido
Because it acts as an anti-anxiety agent, Rose Essential Oil can greatly help men with sexual dysfunction related to performance anxiety and stress.

5. Improves Dysmenorrhea (Painful Period)
A clinical study published in 2016 took a look at the effects of Rose Essential Oil on women with primary dysmenorrhea. The medical definition of primary dysmenorrhea is cramping pain in the lower abdomen occurring just before or during menstruation, in the absence of other diseases being present such as endometriosis.

6. Incredible Natural Perfume
The fragrance industry commonly used Rose Essential Oil to create perfumes and to scent a variety of cosmetic products. With its sweet floral yet slightly spicy scent, Rose Essential Oil can be used all by itself as a natural perfume.

The Earth Element Rose Essential Oilis stored in an amber 15ml bottle with a dripper.

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