Herbal Rejuvenating Bath Gel

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The Earth Element Herbal Rejuvenating Bath Gel will only provide the goodness of nature and will not have any harmful side effects on your skin. It will leave your skin feeling fresh, supple and radiant for the rest of the day. Traditional Chinese herbs ~ Dang Gui, Lingzhi and Ginseng (in accordance to TCM Formulation) assist your body’s natural functions for:
Antioxidant Production
Cell Regeneration
Stress Reduction
Overall Wellness

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The Earth Element Herbal Rejuvenating Bath Gel aims to complement the therapy for insomnia. The Earth Element Herbal Rejuvenating Bath Gel is formulated (in accordance to TCM Formulation) with natural derived ingredients and is used to improve the symptoms of insomnia, anxiety and depression. Other benefits includes rejuvenating one’s body by only providing the goodness of nature and with no harmful side effects on your body. It will leave your body feeling fresh, supple and radiant for the rest of the day.

Our Herbal Rejuvenating Bath Gel is formulated to contain the following Chinese herbs’ 3 most precious gems:

ginsengGinseng when used on the skin, it has the ability to act as a cure-all remedy. Regardless of what skin-related issue your facing, Ginseng may be able to help. If you’re concerned with fine lines, look no further. Ginseng can boost the circulation of you skin’s smallest blood vessels and thus facilitate collagen production, which is a powerhouse protein that will make you skin look healthier.

lingzhiLingzhi is a kind of mushroom with various bioactivities, is recently revealed to improve skin quality and treat skin diseases. It can be used in promoting skin wound healing, mitigating postburn infection, and preventing skin flap ischemia-reperfusion injury. Thus, it is commonly used in skin care, because of its roles in skin photoaging and skin whitening. Lingzhi offers many benefits to promote skin well-being and overall health.

dang guiDang Gui counts skin tightening, enhanced skin resilience and brightened skin tone as key benefits. A study on human fibroblast cells reported that the application of Dong Gui increases the production of collagen, improves the growth of cells and heals wounds faster. Researchers suggest this is due to the presence of ferulic acid in Dong Gui extracts. Ferulic acid is known to have high antioxidant properties that help heal wounds. Ferulic acid also activates proteins that respond to environmental stress, thereby making wound healing more efficient. Summing it up: Dong Gui has been a staple of Chinese medicines for centuries and is now being recognized for its potential in skincare. It can help lighten skin, reduce inflammation and help heal wounds faster as clinical studies have shown.


Soothing & Rejuvenating
Sustains Hydration
Prevents Pigmentation
Anti-aging & Anti-oxidant
Improves Blood Circulation
Boosts Healing Wounds


Apply a suitable amount on your wet body. Gently massage all over your body. Rinse your body thoroughly with either warm or cold water. Dry your body. 

For External Use Only.

Why The Earth Element’s products will not affect our skin, body and hair?

In our products, they DO NOT contain any of the following:
Artificial Colorant
Mineral Oil


ALL Ages & Genders
Pregnant & Confinement Ladies


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