Hand Sanitizing Gel (500ml)


The Earth Element Hand Sanitizing Gel (500 ml) comes with a pump, specially design to pump an even coating of sanitizer onto our hands.


  • Moisturizing and a rinse free sanitizer.
  • Sanitize our hands within 20 seconds.
  • High viscosity, with no spilling.
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The Earth Element Hand Sanitizing Gel is a rinse free, moisturizing (pH ~7) liquid form sanitizer. It is not only used to counter microbial organism; decrease infectious agents on the hands, it helps to moisturize the hand at the same time.

Our Hand Sanitizing Gel contains Isopropyl Alcohol 99.9% a strong disinfectant which has in vitro efficacy against murine norovirus, Ebola virus, and several coronaviruses. With a combo of essential oils, our hand sanitizer can counter many microbial infections and Viruses. Glycerin, a humectant and a moisturizer & Vitamin E are  added in the hand sanitizer to moisturize our hand and counter the dryness and irritation cause by alcohol.

Feel safe as our Sanitizer do not contains acetaldehyde and/or methanol.
Acetaldehydeis an aldehyde that is highly reactive and toxic. Acetaldehyde causes damage at the cellular and genomic levels. The sheer number of enzymes involved in the metabolism and detoxication of acetaldehyde and other aldehyde species is a testament to the impact of its reactivity.

Methanol may cause birth defects of the central nervous system in humans. Chronic poisoning from repeated exposure to methanol vapor may produce inflammation of the eye (conjunctivitis), recurrent headaches, giddiness, insomnia, stomach disturbances, and visual failure.

How to Use:

Just pump onto our hands and massage thoroughly over.


Distilled Water
99.9% Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA)
Essential Oils
Botanical Extract
Vitamin E
Gelling Thickener
Sodium Hydroxide

NO Sulfate NO Harmful Chemical

Benefits of our hand sanitizer:

a. Strong disinfectant to counter murine norovirus, Ebola virus, and several coronaviruses.

b. Prevent microbial infections and viruses.

c. With our moisturizing effects, it can prevent dryness and irritations to the skin due to alcohol.

d. Gel form more efficient than ordinary liquid form and able to reduce spillage.


Highly Flammable
Use & Store Carefully (Avoid High Heat)
If Contract With Eye; Wash with Water; If Problem Persists; Consult a Doctor
Do Not Ship Product via Air

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Hand Sanitizer Gel 500ml

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