Mother's Day Gift

Warm the heart and get your mother a Mother’s Day Gift from The Earth Element. This is an unique Spa Gift Set, to show how grateful for the love she has given you since you are born.

There are a variety of gift boxes and gift baskets. All come with an unique personal care content, all are formulated locally and specifically for Asians’ wellness.

The Earth Element ~ Mother’s Day Gift Basket is an unique spa gift set that warms the heart and shows how grateful for the LOVE she has given you!

Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to stop and reflect on all of your Mom’s hard work.

Of course, Mother’s Day isn’t just a day for celebrating your own mother. It’s a day for honoring all the women in your life who support and nurture you, from your sister to your grandmother. It’s also a chance to wish a Happy Mother’s Day to your mother-in-law, whose loving care helped shape the person you chose to marry.

Our joyous and beautifully decorated Mother’s Day Gift Box and Basket come with a hearty gift box, a bouquet of preserved Gypsophila and soapy Carnation, an unique gift card so as to thank her for all the laughs and hugs with a special Mother’s Day message or quote acknowledging how much she means to you and finally completes your preferred choice of option for its wellness contents!

All our Mother’s Day Gift Baskets each includes an unique and limited edition Mom’s Mug, specially designed for all MOMs!

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