The Earth Element

Making And Wholesaling of Natural Soap & Other Cosmetic Ingredients

Soap Base, Other Hair & Body Base

Make your own soap, lotion, cream, conditioner and other skin and hair products easily with our bases.

Soap Making Ingredients

Soap Making Ingredients for making soap, lotion, cream, conditioner and other skin and hair products.

Wedding Soap Door Gift

Check out & get Inspired by our range of wedding door gifts. We can customize and personalize any types and design to your desire.

Hand Sanitizer, Liquid Hand Wash & Other Disinfectants

The Earth Element’s Sanitizer Gel & Sanitizing Spray main content contains 70% Isopropyl Alcohol and formulated according to hospital grade. With other ingredients, such as glycerin, our skin is hydrated and moisturized.

Our products will not produce harsh, harmful and dry effect on our skin.

Soap & Other Skin, Hair Care Making DIY KIT

Make your homemade soap, liquid soap, lotion and cream easily with our DIY Kit.

Ingredients and Step by Step Instruction that guide you through the making process will be given.

Personal Care Products

The Earth Element has a series of personal care products ranging from Hair Care Products,  Body Shower Products and other  Skin Care Products

Ingredients used are proven to benefits our skin and hair. No harmful or harsh chemicals are used during the making of the products.

Superfast Product Delivery System

We have ready stock to meet our customers demand. Customer can expect products express delivery to the doorstep after check -out.  

Easy to Shop

Enquiry of any products is availbale. 

Best Local Products

All our products are made under strict regulation of our authority. 

Good For Skin

All our products do not contains animal fats or any harmful chemicals that are harsh to our skin. 

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