Liquid Shampoo Base (Gentle & Mild)


Mild & Gentle Liquid Shampoo Base is suitable for dry hair and sensitive scalp.  .

Mild & Gentle Liquid Shampoo Base comes in :  250ml, 500 ml 1000 ml and 5000 ml or in a pail of 20 kg.

SLS Free No paraben or harmful chemicals is used in our formulation.

We only use ingredients with high quality.

Available Options

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250ml $9.50
500ml $14.00
20L $380.00
1L $27.00
5L $120.00


The Earth Element Mild & Gentle Liquid Shampoo Base is formulated using quality ingredients that condition our hair and cleanse at the same time.

Gentle & Mild Shampoo Base is suitable for dry hair and sensitive scalp.

SLS Free No Paraben and no harmful chemicals is added.

How to use?

First, measure your desired liquid soap base using a measuring cylinder; follow by adding in all your choice of essentials & mix them really well at room temperature only.

The Earth Element SLS Free  Shampoo Base can be further improved with the addition of :

Botanical Plant Extract
Vitamin B5
Hydrolyze Wheat Protein
Carrier Oil

Total addition of ingredients not more than 5%.


Transparent Concentrated Pale Liquid.

Note: Appearance may vary.


Do not expose to direct sunlight, keep at room temperature.


  • Improve Frizzy Hair Problem
  • Prevents Tangled Hair
  • Smooth & Silky Effect

Additional information

Weight N/A
Liquid Shampoo Base

250ml, 500ml, 1L, 5L, 20L


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