Basic Melt & Pour Soap Making DIY Kit


Make your homemade soap at home with ease!

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Basic Kit Lavender $48.00
Basic Kit Peppermint $48.00
Basic Kit Tea Tree $48.00
Basic Kit Lemongrass $48.00
Basic Kit Rose Demo $48.00
Basic Kit Lavender + Melter@100degree $78.00
Basic Kit Peppermint + Melter@100degree $78.00
Basic Kit Tea Tree + Melter@100degree $78.00
Basic Kit Lemongrass + Melter@100degree $78.00
Basic Kit Rose Demo + Melter@100degree $78.00
Basic Kit Lavender + Melter@120degree $98.00
Basic Kit Peppermint + Melter@120degree $98.00
Basic Kit Tea Tree + Melter@120degree $98.00
Basic Kit Lemongrass + Melter@120degree $98.00
Basic Kit Rose Demo + Melter@120degree $98.00


The Earth Element DIY Melt & Pour Soap Making Kit aims to share our philosophy with artisan soap makers beginning as amateurs, who later become professionals in hand making their characterized handmade soap bars.

With our DIY Melt & Pour Soap Making Kit:

  • Soap Making can be done easily;
  • Suitable for all ages as young as 4 yrs old;
  • Do not need to pay to attend expensive class or workshop;
  • Will not be misled by unethical trainer(s) who often make claims by using “Natural” and “Organic”;
  • All doubts mystic about Soap Making will be solved and further query can always contact us!


  • Instructions Inclusive
  • Online Support Inclusive
  • Ingredients Paraben FREE & Toxic Chemical FREE
  • @Highly Discounted Price

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DIY Soap Making Kit

Basic Kit Lavender, Basic Kit Peppermint, Basic Kit Tea Tree, Basic Kit Lemongrass, Basic Kit Rose Demo, Basic Kit Lavender + Melter@100degree, Basic Kit Peppermint + Melter@100degree, Basic Kit Tea Tree + Melter@100degree, Basic Kit Lemongrass + Melter@100degree, Basic Kit Rose Demo + Melter@100degree, Basic Kit Lavender + Melter@120degree, Basic Kit Peppermint + Melter@120degree, Basic Kit Tea Tree + Melter@120degree, Basic Kit Lemongrass + Melter@120degree, Basic Kit Rose Demo + Melter@120degree


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